Business lawyers


¿Who we are?

Legalify is an specialized Law Firm, oriented to Business and Regulatory Law.

Governments around the Globe have created a complex legal framework in which enterprises and corporations have to plunge in order to comply with the intended objectives of State Regulation: to promote Competition and Market Efficiency. 

Corporation's specific legal obligations are defined by the specific economic activity they deploy, however some matters are transversal to the whole markets industry, such as Tax, Antitrust Law or Intelectual Property.

We decode, interpret, and accompany corporations in compliance of Regulation, based on the knowledge of their economic activity, business logic and incentives and the market in which they deploy their activity. We advice our clients in the Compliance of the most varied Federal and Local Regulations, and we represent them in the case of failure to comply with it.

Our team represents more than 80 years of experience in the practice of any of our practice areas, and it counts wide professional trajectories in both Public and Private practice, in Corporate Consultancy, strategic litigation and Law teaching at most renown Universities in México.

Our practice is improved with Economics, Accountability and Mathematics contributions.

We allocate up to 6% of annual income in Pro Bono causes, in the benefit of those who need it*.

* Upon proyect approval.